Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY Personalized Trug (the naked version)

Build: personalized trug

Build this kids carryall with scrap plywood and personalize it with paint:

This is the naked version, the plywood has been left bare and only the pink stripe was painted on for detail.

Add a sequined pouch and we have a completely personalized birthday gift that you can guarantee no other party-goer will be bringing:

I also recently made a purple version:

And a yellow version, this one is painted on the exterior:

All wrapped up and ready to give:

Here's how I made the trug:

1. Build your trug.

2. Tape off the stripe section, I measure from the bottom and mark even spacing all around:

3. Paint two coats Behr watermelon:

4. Print name to fit, I used American Typewriter font, fold name in half to find middle.
Line up at middle of long side and trace letters using heavy pressure with a ballpoint pen:

5. The pen will leave an indent in the wood:

6. Paint on and inside the indent, I work from right to left because I am left-handed:

7. Seal if desired with clear poly.

Wrap and give!


  1. Jaime, I love this idea for a gift basket. Have you seen the real hand tool sets they have at Walmart for kids? I think they sell for about $12-$15. This would be the perfect gift basket for them. ;-)

  2. Sooo cute! I love it! I have a craft party going on if you would like to be a part of. :)

    xoxo, Marti

  3. how do I get 350 point font on MS Word? Thanks!!

  4. Love your personalized Thug..can you provide a tuitorial or template for those end pieces? I'd love that to put out on my patio for potted plants on the Baker's Rack.