Friday, November 2, 2012

"S" is for Sandy

Hurricane Sandy just blew through around these parts.

My girl #1 Sunday, Oct. 28th as the wind was picking up.

I hardly ever share too much personal business, we all have lives to live and I try to keep my blog mostly about projects: build, paint and sew.

First we are truly lucky to be safe, our home was not damage and everyone is fine.  This is not the case for so many near and around us in New Jersey and Long Island who have suffered catastrophic damage  and lost their entire homes, we are thinking about them and hope a swift rebuild with occur.

We've been off the grid for 4 days without power, and that is truly a minor inconvenience so I'm not complaining at all but I thought I'd post what we've been up to during those 4 days.

Tuesday, Oct. 30th: fallen tree on house nearby, photo courtesy of my friend Iris. 

This picture above is similar to most of the damage in our neighborhood, trees blown over all over the place blocking roads, ripping down power lines and falling on houses.

For this very reason we choose to sleep in the basement on Monday night:

Our kids thought it was the most fun having a family sleepover.

And we already had these great portable cots with foam mattresses from REI, highly recommend.

They fold up super thin and are extremely lightweight.

Then we lost power.  Monday, Oct. 29th about 7pm.

The wind was howling and it was really dark.

And I finally remembered I had glow sticks for Halloween the kids could use for nightlights:

We woke up to silence everywhere but thankfully no damage.

There's was lots of outdoor play:

And dinners by candlelight:

We still had gas for hot water and stovetop cooking so we were able to use up the food in the fridge.

Lots of reading books by candlelight:

Thankfully Cosi had a generator so we had a warm place to go and charge up our phones:

But gasoline started to become scarce so we didn't dare drive anywhere.

School has been cancelled all week because they have no power.
And our next door neighbors, who happen to live in Connecticut, got their power back 2 days before us so we had a close place to charge up and do a bit of laundry.

We made a fire for warmth and entertainment:

We took baths for warmth and entertainment too:

The temp inside the house was about 58 so it was bearable, the kids sure didn't mind.

We played lots of legos by lanterns in the basement because it was much warmer:

And lots of other projects by candlelight:

The girls made a banner for buddy boy's birthday last night.

Here he is this morning:

And here is the empty dark fridge:

And now I'm writing this with the power back on!  So happy and thankful.

I've also learned what I definitely need to have on hand for the next power outage (in addition to all the standard storm preparedness supplies):

- firewood 
- marshmallows (entertainment)
- glow sticks (nightlights for kids)
- Horizon organic milk boxes
- canned soup
- hot cocoa packets

Sending prayers to all those families whose lives have been turned upside down from Hurricane Sandy,   the devastation is beyond words and truly shocking.  Please stay safe and warm.


  1. so glad to hear you are safe and well and that you made the best of it!

  2. SOoo glad you are ok! When we used to live in MD we lived through Isabel in 2003 -- I decided that a generator and back up can of gas was important, especially if you were depending on a sump pump to keep that basement dry!
    I hope the people on Staten Island get relief soon

  3. It is so good to hear that you all are okay! I can't imagine what that must have felt like as it was coming through, but I am praying that all will start to feel like normal again soon.

  4. Es una pena todo lo que ha sucedido. Me alegro de que todo haya pasado
    It's a shame what has happened. I'm glad it's all over

  5. sorry.....shame=pity
    I don't speak english and the translator sometimes.....

  6. So glad you made it through the storm safely!

  7. O, sweet girl, what a great mommy you are. I promise you, since you made it all so fun for your kids, they will remember how much you cared for them when they think of Hurricane Sandy, in the years to come.
    I was a little tiny girl in the 40's and when Dallas would have "black outs" all over town (everyone had to turn off lights) so the enemy airplanes couldn't find Dallas to bomb, my mama also knew that I might be very afraid. She, too, made it seem fun...had special treats stashed away just for such a time...flashlights and candles...little books and games to be played by candlelight....
    when I think of that hard time in our history, I have such a warm and fuzzy feeling....all because of my sweet, caring mama....:))

  8. ...well, not a good feeling about THE TIMES...just that I remember how she made me not afraid during the dark. :))

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