Sunday, December 9, 2012

DIY Napkin Ring Placecards

diy wood napking ring placecards

A napkin ring makeover two ways to make placecards.

1. Chalkboard napkin rings for the kids table:

diy wood napkin rings chalkboard placecards

2. Jingle bell placecard holders for the adults:

diy wood napkin ring placecards

diy wood napkin ring placecard ideas

These napkin rings started out as 8 'presents' that were really dated:

remade wood napkin rings before

And now:

wood napkin rings after

wood napkin rings with chalkboard after

Gee they look similar to Santa's belt:

santas belt inspiration

kids christmas table napkin ring placecards

I sliced the large red holders in half for less bulk and double the rings (except one broke on the saw) so now I have a total of 11 napkin rings.

diy wood napkin ring placecards with bells

diy holiday wood napkin ring placecards with bells

diy holiday wood napkin ring placecards with bells detail

diy christmas wood napkin ring placecards with bells

Any cardstock will work, use names or photos to mark places at the table:

diy christmas wood napkin ring placecards

Here's how to make the placecard holders:

1. Pull off ribbons, slice red holders in half and sand:

old wood napkin rings

2. Paint white holders all white then mask off edges with painters tape:

taping off napking rings

3. Paint black chalkboard paint in middle portion only.
Pull off tape and using chalk marker write names on black chalk paint:

wood napkin rings with chalkboard paint

4. For the red holders paint all red, sand edges and stain:

staining painted wood napkin rings

5. Predrill tiny hole at center top for wire holder:

staining painted wood napkin rings predrill hole

6. Use 20 gauge beading wire to make circular holder:

staining painted wood napkin rings adding wire

7. Wrap wire around circular object:

using wire to make placecards

napkin ring with wire placecard holder

8. Stick end of wire through hole:

napkin ring with wire placecard holder inserted

9. Bend end against inside of holder and hot glue to cover entire wire.

napkin ring with wire placecard holder glued

10. Add ribbon and bell:

christmas napkin ring with wire placecard holder


  1. Wow!! Huge up-dated improvement! They look fantastic!

  2. They look wonderful. What a great idea! Pinning this one. :) Megan

  3. Love the Napkin Rings! Great job and thanks so much for sharing :)

  4. Hi Jaime
    Love these! You transformed cugly napkin holders into adorable ones. My favorite one is the chalkboard rings. So so cute. I enjoy altering the mundane into beautiful treasures also.

    Happy holidays!

  5. These are amazing! I love that you transformed something a bit dated and made them so modern and fun for today. Awesome job. I love how you used the wire as a place card.

    Thanks so much for linking up to Dare to DIY! It'd be great if you'd link back to one of the four hosts!

  6. These are so cute! I love the idea of double duty napkin rings with the place card holder built right in! Awesome idea :)

  7. These are beautiful! I'm trying to build a new link party Monday Makeover for Your Table geared to all things "table" related. Today is the first day. Would you please consider sharing your fabulous project on my blog A Humble Creation? (I found you through the Dare to DIY challenge).

  8. These are such a great craft!!! Love the ones with the wire especially! Thank you so much for linking up!

  9. these are great, jaime! love the built in place card holder!

  10. I love the chalkboard ones, you've already got two of my kids names so send them over *jokes* Lovely thanks for sharing

  11. Those are so cute! Now I'm on the hunt for old napkin rings. I never thought to try to makeover those. Thanks for sharing!
    Brandy @ Home Sweet Here

  12. How cute are those! And what a fantastic way to update some old, worn out napkin rings!

    Love them!

  13. Love the modern update!! Thanks so much for joining the Dare to DIY!

  14. How pretty! So much more modern and fun!

  15. I do hope you did not throw the 12th ring away... use some Elmer's glue or any wood glue, sand it and paint it.... use it for your place setting... no one will know but you.