Wednesday, February 1, 2017

DIY Giant Wood Bunting

diy giant wood bunting

How to make giant wood bunting from scrap wood.  A fast and easy project cut from 1/2" plywood scraps that makes great wall art for any kid space.

Just for scale here's my girl #2 holding the L:

young girl holding wood bunting for scale

giant wood bunting with kids name

personalized giant wood bunting

I used 3/8" sisal rope to hang the bunting and simple twine to tie each piece to the rope:

scrap wood made into bunting

I had made this smaller wood bunting for a new baby boy awhile back:

diy wood bunting with kids name

And now the giant wood bunting perfect for a bedroom wall:

diy personalized giant wood bunting

Here's how to make the giant wood bunting:

1. Cut 1/2" plywood into triangle shapes:
* Drill 3/4" holes at top corners too.

scrap wood cut into triangles

2. Paint two coats Behr watermelon, sand and stain Minwax weathered oak:

painted scrap wood triangles

3. Print out letters to fit.
I used Ariel font at 700 point.
Line up letters onto triangle and trace outline with ballpoint pen using heavy pressure:

how to add a name to wood bunting

4. The pressure of the pen will leave an indent in the wood.
Paint on and inside the indent with white paint:

handpainting letters onto wood bunting

5. Add sawtooth hanger at center back on each piece.
(You'll need this to hang properly on an interior wall.)

how to hang wood bunting with rope and sawtooth hangers

6. Add sisal rope and tie each piece on using twine:

giant wood bunting on rope

Hang and enjoy.

diy giant wood bunting scrap wood


  1. Cute wall art idea (love it large, love that DIY means any size that fits). Great tutorial!