Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Folding Chalkboard Easel

Build: portable folding chalkboard easel

Build your own portable folding double-sided chalkboard easel with plans from Ana White.
Or build two:

By far my most favorite build project to date.
And even better this project runs about $20 per easel.

 Simply collapse the easel, lift and carry where ever you want to go.
And now it's flat for storage as well!

The ropes hold the easel open when in use, hinges for folding and handle for easy carrying:


I came across this easel below online and thought for certain with Ana's plans we could build the easel for way cheaper than $50 (plus shipping):

But we made it even better with a handle for portability and painted it fun colors:

Ana's plans even include the perfect little chalk ledge:

My girls this morning before school:

And don't forget to make a zipper chalk pouch to store all the chalk pieces:

Here's how to build the folding chalkboard easel:

1. Using Ana's plans cut lumber:
 (I definitely recommend 1/8" hardboard for the chalkboard - it's super smooth surface makes a great chalkboard.)

2. Assemble frames, only 6 pocket holes per side:

3. Add the chalkboard ledge from the back.  Glue and clamp the 1x2 ledge in place, predrill and countersink 2" screws from the back:

4. Paint frame and paint chalkboards - separately:

5. Attach chalkboard to backside of frame: lay frame face down on table with chalk ledge flush to edge of table:

6. Drill holes for rope from the front:
  (I used 3/8" sisal rope.)

7. Then flip over and attach hinges:

 8. Attach hinges to other frame.
Thread rope through holes and knot, equal on both sides.
Finally add handle at center top of one frame.


  1. Such a great idea! I love the colors of them too. :) Megan

  2. Perfect! We have an Ikea chalkboard easel that is in desperate need of help. I might have to try the rope idea!

  3. Super clever - I loved my chalkboard as a little girl, I would have super-loved one of these!


  4. With the white hardboard panels ( this could be a dry-erase markerboard instead.