Thursday, January 3, 2013

"W" is for Workshop

Make: workshop items

A round up of small projects from Christmas 2012 that didn't get blogged about yet:

A - Monogrammed fleece blanket:

Take a plain fleece blanket, cut out plaid fabric letter and zig zag around edges.

B - Portable lego trays:

The full tutorial is here and I handpainted names onto each of these trays.

C - Construction wreath:

Our neighbors are doing a major renovation and addition onto their house right now so I made a wood construction wreath with scraps nailed together to decorate the exterior.

D - Giant wood tags:

The full tutorial is here.

E - Handpainted wood oval ornaments:

The complete tutorial is here, I made many more but forgot to take pictures :(

F - Kid size stool:

The plans to make this stool are from Ana White here and you can see a previous version I made here.

To add the striped letter paint the J white, mark stripes in pencil then paint with red.

G - Handpainted oval house number:

H - Fabric rosette tree topper:

Step 1: Cut 2 fabric strips 1/2 the diameter of rosette by about 30" long.
Apply double sided adhesive (heat-n-bond) to adhere both pieces of fabric together.
Step 2: Accordion fold the long fabric strip, more folds = better rosette.
Slide needle with thread through one end and tie to make rosette.
Step 3: Glue wired floral pick into one open end then glue other open end on top to cover pick.
Step 4: Place pick vertical against tree top and wrap wire around both to secure.

Trident sign:

A special sign for a friend who's boat named 'Trident' was lost in a dock fire.

I made this sign using 8 - 1x3 pine boards, print out lettering to fit, trace letters with ballpoint pen to create indent then paint on and inside the indent:

And that concludes the round up of Christmas 2012 projects (that didn't get blogged about).

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  1. I love graphics of any kind. I just painted 3 stools last weekend and today I found your J stool. It is great.

    I will be back for some of your tutorials.