Wednesday, February 1, 2017

DIY Heather Wreath

diy purple heather wreath

How to make a purple heather wreath.  A little Spring clean up of overgrown heather yields a new wreath:

purple heather before and after

purple heather wreath details

A low cost, natural wreath using heather cuttings right from the yard.
Simply wire together bundles of heather into a circular wreath shape and hang with burlap strips

purple heather made into a wreath

No wreath form necessary, the green floral wire is barely visible but it's all you need to connect the branches together:

purple heather and wire wreath

purple heather wreath with burlap hanger

Here's how to make a heather wreath from branch clippings:

1. Collect a big pile of heather branches:

heather cut from overgrowth

2. Start with a small grouping of branches wrapping wire around the stems:

wrap heather with wire

3.  Continue to add small groupings, placing them on top and slightly in front of the previous grouping and wrap wire around as you go:

wrapped heather to make wreath

4.  At the end tuck last stems under branches of starting point to make circle.
Add burlap strips for a hanger:

purple heather wreath on fence