Monday, May 6, 2013

DIY Mini Croquet Mallet Food Labels

Buid: mini croquet mallet food labels

Summer is just around the corner and these food labels or table placecards would be perfect for a backyard BBQ or special event.

Pie anyone?

Inspired by Anthropologie's garden markers I spotted in the May 2013 issue of Country Living magazine, surprisingly I was unable to find them at (or anywhere online for that matter?) so I guess the best option is to make your own!

My version is more of a food label or table placecard but you could forgo the base and use them as garden markers too.

I used all scraps so this project cost me $0 but if you were to purchase the dowels, board and turf (doormat size) the cost would be about $15.  

(The Anthropologie version is $8 each, for a total of $24, and that doesn't include a turf covered stand.)

Here's how to make the mini croquet mallet food labels:

1. Cut wood pieces:

3 - 1x4 @ 3.5"l
3 - 3/8" dowel @ 7"l
3 - 1 1/8" dowel @ 4 1/2"l

2. Predrill a countersink hole in the center of the square base:
(This is for the screw to hold the skinny pole secure, it's optional.)

3. Flip the base over and using a 3/8" bit (to match the skinny dowel) drill ONLY part-way down into base:

4. Using the 3/8" bit drill about 3/4" deep into center of larger dowel:

5. Mask off 1" of both ends using painters tape:

6. Paint center portion two coats chalkboard paint:

7. Once dry remove the tape and add stripes:

8. Stain skinny poles and ends of painted dowels using Minwax Early American:

9. Prepare turf base.
Cut turf pieces with 1" excess on all sides:

10. Hot glue turf to base, fold opposite sides down, clip corners and trim edges then fold other set of opposite sides, clip corners and edges:

11. Predrill hole into center of skinny pole (if using screw for security - optional).
Poke hole through turf into predrilled hole at center.
Apply wood glue into hole and firmly shove skinny pole into hole, give a tap with a hammer.

12. If desired screw the skinny pole in place using #8 - 1 1/2" wood screw - optional.

13. Add top larger dowel.
Again place wood glue down into predrilled hole, firmly place dowel onto skinny pole and push into place, use a hammer to get a good snug fit.

Use a chalk pen to write your words.


  1. OMG, they are the cutest things ever!! Perfect for an outdoor party!

  2. such an adorable idea for summer parties!!! love this, jaime!

  3. So cute! I used to love to play croquet with my cousins at family picnics :)

  4. love this idea, maybe i will create something like this for my car!!

  5. Found you through 36th Avenue Party Time. Love your blog!

    I would love for you to share and link up at my TGIF Link Party.

    Please, invite your friends to party too! The more the merrier!

    Hugs, Cathy