Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"B" is for Baby Girl Burp Cloths

diy baby girl burp cloths

Baby Lauren just arrived and as a gift I made these bright and colorful monogrammed burp cloths:

diy baby girl burp cloths

Grab all the fun girly ribbons and a contrasting fabric for the personalization and you're gift is sure to come together super cute.

monogrammed cloth diapers

They're quick to make and such a useful gift:

How to sew personalized burp cloths:

1. Use prepackaged cloth diapers.

2. Cut out letter using this tutorial.  For the L shown here I used Bookman Old Style at 300 point.

3. Determine letter and ribbon selections:

4. Begin sewing ribbon in place, fold raw edge under at end and sew on middle side of diaper first:

5. Then turn around and sew back down outside edge of ribbon:

how to make personalized burp cloths

6. Pin letter in place centered 2.5" from bottom edge and zig zag stitch in place:

how to make personalized burp cloths

For another more detailed tutorial see my previous version here.


  1. So cute! And you can never have enough burp cloths!

  2. These are my favorite baby gifts to give. I usually add a strip of cute flannel fabric, but I'm loving the letter idea!