Monday, August 5, 2013

"A" is for Alphabet Blocks

diy alphabet blocks

Make alphabet blocks using old books, a square wood dowel and mod podge.
diy alphabet blocks using Beatrix Potter images
A gift for a friend who is having her first baby.  
She outfitted her nursery using a subtle Beatrix Potter theme and these baby blocks should fit right in.

The edges are sanded smooth:

diy alphabet blocks using Beatrix Potter images

I tried to incorporate images of all the Beatrix Potter characters:
Beatrix Potter characters on wood blocks
how to make alphabet wood blocks
Lots of good rabbit images too:
Peter Rabbit and friends wood blocks

Here's how to make alphabet blocks:

1. Supplies: 
- kids picture books
- mod podge - matte
- paint brush
- 2" x 2" wood dowel cut into 2" lengths
- printed alphabet onto cardstock
- paper cutter
- sandpaper
- dark brown acrylic paint

how to make Peter Rabbit wood blocks

2. Trim desired image down to slightly larger than block, apply mod podge to block:

using mod podge to make wood blocks

3. Press image onto block and repeat for opposite side:

using mod podge to make wood blocks

4. Let dry then sand excess paper edges off:

sanding off excess paper to smooth edge

5. Do all images first, I choose 2 images for each block leaving 4 sides open for letters:

how to make wood alphabet blocks

6. Same process for letters.  Cut printed letter down to size and apply with mod podge to block:

how to make wood alphabet blocks

7. Repeat for opposite side:

how to make wood alphabet blocks

8. Then repeat letter process again for other 2 sides.

9. Using a dry brush and dark brown acrylic paint apply dry paint to edges of letters to create aged look:

aging wood blocks with acrylic paint

10. Apply final coat of mod podge to all 6 sides to seal papers.

Beatrix Potter alphabet blocks


  1. They turned out so pretty. What a thoughtful gift!

  2. These are darling! A gift I would love to give or receive! Beautiful.

  3. wow.
    I love the illustrations of Beatrix Potter, as you can see in my daughter's room.
    I have many wooden cubes at home, left over from the present I made for the guests of the baptized.
    This idea is wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love these blocks.. The pictures are so cute. Thanks for sharing...

  5. Very very cool idea....... Where did you get all of the pictures from?

  6. I love it, it looks great. I love the clean, simple look of the wooden alphabet above it!

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