Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"M" is for Maine Heritage Timber

Maine Heritage Timber
recovering a forgotten forest

Every so often I'll hear about a company that's so simple to the core you just want to wrap your arms around and hold on to forever.

This is one of them and if I lived anywhere near Millinocket, Maine I'd be building all my furniture pieces from Maine Heritage Timber boards.

Maine Heritage Timber is a small company founded in 2010 and tucked away in the forests of Millinocket, Maine.  They are the leading source of river-reclaimed timber and make gorgeous wood flooring, wainscoting, architectural millwork and other custom home decor items without cutting down a single tree.  Maine Heritage Timber is reclaiming centuries old logs that sunk to the bottom the Penobscot River and Quakish Lake as part of the legendary logging gold rush of the 1800's.  This wood is utterly unique in the industry in terms of beauty, character, strength, durability, and limited exclusivity, and only few know it exists. 

Check out these stairs made by Maine Heritage Timber:

And I'm loving my new breadboard.  
It adds a tiny bit of warmth and tons of character in it's perfect personal size:

The logs have been submerged under the frigid water for more than 100 years, preserving the unique natural characteristics only found in old growth, non-plantation timber.

Maine Heritage Timber is bringing these logs to the surface and into homes and businesses.  They were chosen by L.L.Bean to provide lumber for the 100th anniversary paddle project.  They have also done work at Sugarloaf Ski Resort, this sign below is stunning:

More architectural elements using reclaimed river timber, who doesn't love a barn door?

If you're considering wood flooring, wainscoting or any architectural millwork for your home it's definitely worth a web visit to Maine Heritage Timber.   Knowing that you're using reclaimed wood in itself feels great, add the bonus of 100+ old growth timber with all its inherent beauty is icing on the cake.

As I was writing this post a story about the Maine Heritage Timber co-founder Thomas Shafer came out in the New York Times.  It's worth a quick read to hear how Mr. Shafer came from Wall Street to Maine.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by Maine Heritage Timber in any way to write this post but I was provided product for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. All the floors in my house are reclaimed, antique lumber, finished in tung oil, we just love them and love that no trees were cut down. I'm so glad you brought another eco friendly lumber company into the spotlight, their wood is just gorgeous!!

  2. Oh Jaime these are beautiful! What a great story, I hope they're super successful.