Monday, October 14, 2013

Railing Makeover from Paint to Stain

railing makeover

A railing makeover from painted to stained and the final installment of the family room makeover.

 The railing is complete and I can officially say I conquered all the red paint in the family room:

railing before and after

stained railing with white balusters

painted railing before and stained railing after

There was red paint everywhere: walls, trim, railings, handrail, vents and stair risers.

stairwell before and after

I just love the look of white semi-gloss paint against the dark stain, it's classy, updated and fresh:

railing makeover with stain and painted walls

stairwell looking up before and after

How to refinish a painted railing:

1. Start by prepping your workspace, use painters tape and drop cloths.
Apply a thick layer of Citristrip stripper gel safe for indoors:

stripping railing balusters

Wait. Let the stripper do the work.

2. Using a metal or plastic scraper remove the loose paint:

This is my pile of paint from one corner post:

stripped paint from railing

3. Once you've scraped off as much paint as possible begin sanding the last fine layer with an orbital sander.
In my case I was looking to remove ALL of the red paint on the newels and railings because I didn't want red seeping through the new stain.

4.  Prime and paint balusters semi-gloss white:

railing stripped to raw wood

5. Stain newels and railings Minwax Jacobean:

railing stained minwax jacobean

6. Seal with 2 coats Minwax semi-gloss poly, sanding in between coats.

railing stained and sealed after


  1. I can not IMAGINE how much work it was to strip and sand those posts inside! You're amazing. The new looks is amazing!

  2. What a ton of work! So worth it in the end though -- your railing is beautiful now.

  3. Wow! What a great result after all of the elbow grease that I'm sure went into it! I love the contrast of the stain and the crisp white paint - such a classic and timeless look. Oh how far that space has come - well done!!

  4. Wow, you have done so much work. How gratifying it must be, though. Now that it's done!!! :)
    It's absolutely beautiful.

  5. Simply Amazing!! I love it, and props to you for all that work!

  6. It turned out so amazing! What a transformation after all that painstaking work.

  7. Wow! Looks great! I imagine that was a lot of work!

  8. This looks so great! Ugh! I can't imagine stripping all that paint off, all your work sure paid off! Very very pretty!

  9. Wow! That is amazing. I don't know what anyone was thinking painting that place red.. but your work is definitely paying off.

    It is gorgeous now!

  10. oh yeah that looks like it was a huge job, it looks so great now. I was trying to catch up on your new house adventures but I am falling behind! :/

  11. This is gorgeous! I am featuring you tomorrow!

  12. I love your new railing! I love your color choices! I also love the renovation projects that you've been posting. Are you done with all your projects? I'm sure you have a fabulous home. Any updates? :)

    Leeanne Dyson @ MasterMyList