Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DIY Toy Box Round-Up

diy toy box ideas
All the DIY toy boxes I've made in one round up.  I've been meaning to collect all my toy box builds into one succinct post for a long time now.

A great gift for the holidays, start building now and you'll have it ready in time!

I just finished another simple toy box with a lid, this time the monogram is pink:

diy simple toy box with lid

The simple toy box is modern, sleek and uses torsion hinges to control the lid - no pinched fingers here:
simple toy box with lid details

diy simple toy box with monogram

For those who prefer an open toy box that can hold a ton this model is great:

open toy box

It's deep and wide and open:

diy open toy box

And I love the navy blue version built for James last December.

diy open toy box with personalization

diy open toy box with personalization

Which version will you build?


  1. Toyboxes don't have to just be used for toys. The one with the lid would make a lovely blanket chest for storing blankets/quilts/afghans/comforters.

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