Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY Kitchen Banquette

diy kitchen banquette

A kitchen banquette built for a friend of a friend.

diy kitchen banquette with storage drawers

(There will be pillows and maybe an upholstered cushion eventually, I took this picture when the paint was still wet.)

kitchen banquette before and after
This family of five had a rectangular table with chairs but it was a bit tight and cluttered.
Instead the homeowner wanted built in banquette seating to reduce the cluttered feel and open the pathway between the table and the island.

Complete with two deep drawers on either end of the benches:

diy kitchen banquette with pull out drawer

To make the recessed panels I used 1x3 pine boards and cove moulding: 

diy kitchen banquette moulding

diy kitchen banquette to match island

diy kitchen banquette with drawers
diy kitchen banquette before and after

The homeowner requested a curve in the bench top at the corner, this will ease any pinched legs!

diy kitchen banquette curved corner

How to build a kitchen banquette:

1. Build the frame with 2x4 studs:

banquette 2x4 frame

I used my Kreg jig to assemble the framing:

banquette frame pocket holes

2. Attach 3/4 plywood to the front visible pieces then finish with 1x3 pine boards and cove molding:

banquette plywood face with moulding

3. The drawer fronts mimic the bench front panels:

banquette drawer fronts

4. Cut the bench top pieces:

banquette natural wood

(Prime and paint BM white dove.)

5. Before installation I added 3/4" plywood pieces to the wall side keeping a 6" gap from the floor to accommodate for the existing base moulding:

installing a banquette

6. Mark the bench positions and cut out a 3/4" section of moulding to allow the bench to sit flush against the wall:

removing moulding with multi-tool

** Before installation mark wall studs.**
7. Position benches, check for level and secure to studs using 2 1/2" wood screws in multiple spots:

installing benches in kitchen

8.  See below the bench is flush to the wall and attached with screws through the back piece of 3/4" plywood into the wall studs:

secured benches to wall studs

9. Secure bench tops.
Cut beadboard, secure to wall with construction adhesive and finish nails into studs.
Add trim moulding at top, sides and seam:

beadboard wall backing

beadboard with trim wall backing

10.  Finish with two coats of Benjamin Moore white dove satin enamel.


  1. This is great. I've always wanted one of these built-ins!

  2. This is beautiful! How much did the material cost?

  3. This is beautiful! How much did the material cost?

  4. wow- you have got such skills! it's amazing!

  5. LOL I have a banquette with beadboard back, and that same wall color! Mine was supposed to be paneled, but my builder thought blueprints were a mere suggestion... *sigh*
    My one end is against an adjoining wall, the other is a little hideout for a doglet and it has a small flip top in the seat for storage that is beyond inconvenient to actually use.
    I love mine, but want to tweak it with a slanted back to make it more comfortable to sit at.

  6. Love that idea. Pinning to my build board for "who knows when". : )
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. This is gorgeous, Jaime! Love the drawers at the ends.

  8. Gorgeous bench! I liked the drawers at the ends - they look great and the rounded part is a very good idea too. You amaze me every time Jaime!!

  9. That is awesome! What a fabulous way to provide plenty of seating for the family and using the space more efficiently. Well done.

  10. Do you think I could make a this without attaching it to the wall. Is it secure enough on its own? I'm renting so I don't want to make it permanent but I just love your banquette!

  11. nice ideas your blog =) beautiful all ;)

  12. what are the dimensions of the bench unit? seat height and depth?