Tuesday, November 12, 2013

DIY Jewelry Stand

diy jewelry stand

Build this simple and pretty jewelry stand using scrap wood, dowels and clear beads.
And personalize your jewelry stand too:

diy personalized jewelry stand

Functional and classy complete with a felt covered base:
diy personalized jewelry stand details
diy personalized jewelry stand from above

pottery barn kdis abigail jewelry stand

You can make your own for much less and then spend what you saved on more jewelry!

diy jewelry stand with glass knob details

How to build a jewelry stand:

1. Cut wood pieces:

how to build a jewelry stand

2. Make base edge frame using glue and finish nails:

edge frame for base

3. Secure frame to mdf base using finish nails up through the base:

base portion with frame

4. Drill 1/2" holes through main dowel for 2 posts:

center dowel with holes

5. Assemble using glue and one 2" screw into the main dowel up through the base.
Prime and spray paint high gloss white:

horizontal dowels inserted

 6. To add decorative jewels use 1/2" clear beads and one hardware knob.
Predrill hole at center end of dowel.
Use finish nails and glue to secure beads:

attach clear beads on dowels

7. For personalization print out name, I used Garamond font at 90 point.
Step 2: Line up print out at center of long side and trace using ballpoint pen.
Step 3: The pen leaves a visible indent in the wood.
Step 4: Paint on and inside the indent.

how to personalize a jewelry stand

8. Paint the interior of the tray light pink:

paint interior of jewelry stand base

9. To add felt bottom use spray adhesive:

apply spray adhesive on felt

10. Press firmly onto base and trim away excess for a clean edge:

trim felt base on jewelry stand

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