Friday, November 8, 2013

DIY Kids Play Stand

Build: kids play stand

Looking for the perfect diy gift for a young one this holiday season?  
This is it.

 A play stand you can build with plans from Ana White that is so multifunctional I can't possibly list all the uses!

It's week #4 of the handmade holiday series and Ana has come up with plans for the cutest play stand.

This diy play stand can be a market or grocery store:

A sweet shop or lemonade stand:

 The buntings are easy to change with velcro and can be made with my free patterns here:

Ana made the plans super easy, it's a very quick build and sturdy too:

Don't forget the post office:

And theater:

The 1/4" foamboard signs fit perfectly in the top slot, there's room for 3 but you could probably fit a 4th in there too:

With 3 signs you can make 6 play stand options:

Or use the chalkboard sign and make up your own play stand, the possibilities are endless:

This play stand was inspired by Land of Nod's What's That Stand for Stand:

Our diy version of the play stand costs about $50 in lumber:
(And that's something to smile about :))

How to build a kids play stand:

1. Use Ana's plans and cut your lumber.
I added an additional 1x2 @ 24" flush to top counter surface and inset 1 1/4" from front:
(This will support the top edge of the 1/4" plywood front.) 

Follow Ana's plans for the remainder of the build.

Paint the front portion with 2 coats black chalkboard paint:

2. To make the foamboard signs cut your pieces, trace an arch shape and cut:

3. Print out lettering to fit, I used Oil Can font at 300 point for most of the signs.
Center print out over foamboard and trace letters with ballpoint pen.
The pressure of the pen will leave a slight indent in the foamboard.
Paint on and inside the indent.

4. The felt puppets are handmade too:

I guarantee that little boy or girl on your list will get tons of use out of this play stand.
Check back every Friday for a new handmade hoildays gift build plan.


  1. that is awesome! i love how interchangeable it is!

  2. Such a great gift to encourage a child's imagination and get them AWAY from a screen!

  3. So so so cute!!!! Please come share this at our linkup party! We would love our friends to see this!!!

  4. I love this and plan to adapt it for use in my classroom! Has the finished stand in the pics been sealed or stained? Thanks!