Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Wood Nativity Figures

Build: diy nativity figures

Build your own simple nativity figures using wood scraps.

All the figures fit together in this diy manger to make a complete nativity scene that's totally kid friendly.

I painted the base of each wood block to symbolize the different characters.
It's simple and organic and perfect for kids to bang around.

The kings are royal colors with gold trim and a gold crown:

The camel could be any barn animal really, I added leather tufts to look like hair:

And the shepherds carry staffs to mind their furry sheep:

How to make wood nativity people:

1. Cut all the pieces using scraps:

2. The heads are round doll heads:

3. To attach the heads to the body using a small 3/16" dowel cut at 1" long:

Drill a hole into the center of the wood block, use wood glue and insert one end of dowel, apply glue to hole in doll head and insert onto dowel:

4. All figures complete.
(The camel is glued and nailed together from the back side.)

5. Use painters tape to mask off upper portion of body then paint lower portion using acrylic craft paint:

For the kings I added gold trim on both edges:

6. Seal the paint by spraying everything clear satin poly:

Then add gold crowns and angels gold ribbon halo.

7. For the camel's hair drill small holes into wood block:

8. Cut 2" pieces of leather cording.  
Place sharp object at middle of leather piece and shove down into hole:

The sheep's wool is simply hot glued directly to the wood.

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  1. I have been proud of myself lately for using wood scraps to trim out signs...this has be blown away ;-)
    So cute!