Thursday, December 12, 2013

"P" is for Princess & the Pea (doll, pea & mattresses)

Sew: princess & the pea

Make your own princess doll, the pea and mattresses for her bed.
This princess and the pea are part of a larger gift which includes the bed, 7 mattresses and the storybook:

Today I'm sharing the princess, pea and mattresses tutorial.
I also built the bed, the plans are from Ana White and are part of our Handmade Holiday series.

I used Ashley's fabric doll pattern from Make It and Love It and modified the arm and leg length to better fit the bed.  Her pattern is beautiful, easy to follow and includes great photos for those visual folks.

I made a little A-line dress with peter pan collar, the dress is removable with a velcro closure at back.

The shoes are fit for a princess with silver glitter fabric and a ribbon bow.

The mattresses are simple rectangles with 2 layers of batting inside for loft:

How to make the princess, the pea and the mattresses:


1. Use Ashley's pattern here and shorten the arms by 1" and the legs by 4":

2. Cut out the dress and shoes (using the body and leg patterns as a guide):

4. Make the collar for the dress, cut 4 pieces:

Sew 2 pieces together and clip the edges:

5. Pin the collar in place on the dress:

6. Finish the top edge using thin binding.
Add velcro back closure and ric rac trim on bottom.

* finished mattress size 11"l x 4"w

1. Cut fabric: 12" x 9"

2. Press in raw edges scant 1/2", cut 2 layers of cotton batting @ 11" x 4":

3. Place batting on one side of fabric:

4. Fold other side of fabric over batting, pin edges together:

Top stitch around 3 sides to finish mattress.


1. Cut one generous 3" circle from green felt.
Using a needle and thread sew a running stitch around the outer edge:

2. Pull the thread tight to close up the pea and fill with cotton stuffing:

Stitch a few criss cross stitches to really close up the circle tight.


  1. SOOOO SWEET!!!! What a great pair up with the sweet bed! Daddy & I need to tackle this project together! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG! This is so adorable! What child wouldn't play with this doll, bed and book for hours. the perfect Christmas gift :)