Monday, January 6, 2014

DIY Craft Island

Build: diy craft island

I built this craft island for a friend.  
This craft island resides in her new home in the basement (which explains the overhead lighting as there are very few small windows).

Inspired by this Houzz find:

This diy version is the perfect designated craft space for her four kids.
The top measures 56" x 56":

One drawer in each tower with 2 open shelves:

How to build a craft island:

1. Determine leg height and drill pocket holes in one side of one end:

2. Prepare shelf.  
3/4" plywood middle, 2x2 on two sides, 1x2 on opposite sides.
This is the underside view with all the pocket holes drilled:

Trim pieces attached:

3. Attach legs to 3/4" ply base with 1x2 trim in between legs.
Attach shelf:

Top view of shelf:

4. Prepare drawer space with 3/4" ply on 3 sides and 1x2 trim for drawer opening:

5. Attach drawer glide cleats on both sides of interior:

6. Attach drawer glides:

7. Construct drawers from 1x5 boards:

8. Attach 1/4" ply base and glides:

9. Attach 1x8 drawer front and faux drawer front to right side:

10. Sand.
Prime with Zinsser oil based primer.
Paint two coats white high gloss enamel.

11. Assemble.
Start with 2x4 braces between the towers:

12. Add 1x3 trim flush to front of towers:

13. The top surface is 2 pieces of 3/4" plywood on top of 1/2" plywood pieces then trimmed out with 1x2:

Add drawer hardware.


  1. DId you use poplar 2x2's for the legs? They are so smooth and square... unlike the furring strips I usually find.

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!
    I think this is one of my favorite things you've built. maybe because I really want one of my own! :)

  3. Legs - yes Hopping Along the legs are made from 2x2's. I used select white pine, not furring strips. The pine runs about $9 for a 8' board but worth the extra cost and they only recently started stocking them at my Home Depot in June.

  4. Hi Jamie, I saw this at Funk Junky. I LOVE it! I want something just like this in my craft room, once I get to organizing it that is. Thanks for sharing how you did it :)

  5. Beautiful island, love how clean and organized it is. Thanks for the detailed tutorial.

  6. Wow Jamie, I just found your blog and it so flipping cool! We are going to embark on our playroom a few months from now and this craft island is such a great inspiration. Thanks!

  7. Hi Jamie, I am making this table for a workroom. Do you have any measurements or cut lists. Mainly the width and depth of the corner towers. And drawers also. Any help would be great,love the design. It's going to be a fun build thanks.

  8. Could you please give some details on making the top ?
    How do you join the 3/4 plywood to make the 56" top ?
    Thank you