Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Install Mudroom Hooks

how to install mudroom hooks

How to install a row of hooks onto a wood board in your mudroom.

double row of hooks

I say the more hooks the better!  
When D.Lawless Hardware offered to partner with me on project I could not refuse and now you see why.  With 3 kids coming and going our back door gets tons of use and these hooks are the perfect spot for all their gear.

double hooks on mudroom wall

I used 10 antique brass plated two prong hooks.
Classic, simple and very functional.

mudroom wall with hooks on wood board

If you're in the market for hardware you must check D.Lawless for all your hardware needs.
Their selection is wonderful and prices really can't be beat.

aged bronze double wall hookmudroom wall with double hooks

Have some wall space near your main entry? Consider adding boards and hooks.
It's an easy tool to keep your family organized AND it looks good too!

mudroom wall with double hooks

profile of mudroom hooks

mudroom before and after
How to install mudroom hooks:

1. Purchase a 1x4 #2 pine board, they come in 6', 8' and 10' lengths.
Measure the space between the door and wall and cut your board to fit:

measure pine board

2. Prime and paint one coat on the boards:

prime and paint wood board

3. Determine the height where you want the boards on the wall.
Using a stud finder mark the stud locations on the wall AND on the boards:

install wood boards level

4. Use a countersink bit to predrill holes into your boards at the stud locations:

predrill countersunk holes

5. Apply construction adhesive to back of board:

construction adhesive on wood board

6. Using #8 - 2 1/2" wood screws start by attaching the middle most screw.
Use a level to ensure the board is straight:

install wood board level

7. Screw in remaining screws into the studs.

8. Use chaulking to fill in the gaps between the moulding and your boards for a seamless look:

chaulk gaps

9. Putty over the screw heads and sand smooth:

wood putty over screw heads

10. Paint one final coat on the boards.

11. Begin installing the hooks, start with the middle hook and mark the holes with a pencil:

mark hook placementholes marked for hooks

12. Predrill the holes:

predrill holes for hook screws

13. Attach hook to board using screws (supplied with hook).

14. Move onto the end hooks:

equallt spaced hooks

15. Then fill in the gap, measure to center the last 2 hooks between the middle and end.

farmhouse mudroom with hooks

Disclosure:  I was supplied with D.Lawless Hardware product for this project.  
All opinions are my own.


  1. these look awesome along with your Mudroom bins on wheels and your Entry console! way to go!!!

  2. I say the more hooks the better as well. I have no coat closet so hooks are VERY important to my sanity.

  3. I love this! One can never have too many hooks. Ryan keeps adding them on doors and in our kitchen/mudroom space and I keep filling them. I love the color trim paint, too. Did you already share that color?

  4. Awesome! I never think about this before. I have more 20 vintage hooks in my storage, not quite beautiful, but I think it’s cool to make one like this. Thumbs up for this idea. Clever!

    Sebastian of
    Tropical Life Style

  5. Awesome work on the DYI instructions, as a builder i thought they were very easy and simple to follow.

    There is also an old trick if you don't have a stud finder where you can run a magnet over the wall and the magnet will stop over the screw or nail fixing in the plaster board to the wall. It takes a little time to master, but if you You Tube it there should be some demo's on line.

    All the best.

  6. Do you have to worry about whether the screws you're using to attach the hooks to the board might actually be going through the board and into the wall behind?