Monday, June 30, 2014

DIY Danger Keep Out Skulll & Crossbones Sign

diy keep out sign

A last minute birthday gift for a little boy, I handpainted this keep out sign with a skull and crossbones.  In this post I will show you how to make a handpainted keep out directional sign.

diy skull and cross bones sign

Fast and easy, 1/2" plywood cut into an arrow shape.

handpainted skull and crossbones sign

handpainted pirate sign

Paint black acrylic around skull and letters.

handpainted keep out detail

Stapled jute rope to back for hanging.

keep out directional sign on gate

Hopefully the birthday boy can hang this sign on his bedroom door.

directional sign on gate

How to paint a danger keep out sign:

how to paint a keep out sign

Step 1: Cut 1/2" plywood.  Print out letters, I used Coolock Black font in 250 point and google skull images.

trace letters onto wood board

Step 2: Place print out on top of wood and trace letters with ballpoint pen.

paint around outline of letters

Step 3: The pen should leave an indent in the wood.  Place black around the indent.

paint sign background black

paint white lettering details

Step 4: Paint white inside the letters and skull.

Step 5: Seal with clear satin poly spray.  Staple jute rope to back in two places to make hanger.

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  1. What a cute sign! I'm featuring it tomorrow in my Friday Features... Thanks for linking up to Inspire Me Monday!