Monday, July 7, 2014

DIY Rustic Bench

diy rustic bench

Easiest diy rustic bench you can build and it only takes 3 boards!  I'll be at Haven on Friday with my fellow blogger Jen from House of Wood teaching you how to build this multi-purpose bench.

Haven conference 2014

tiny bench
A mini version just for fun.

diy rustic bench with tiny bench

Jen and I teamed up with Ana White to make this diy bench.  Ana's got the plans for you here and I'll show you how I built the bench down below.

worn and distressed bench

Loving the chippy rustic finish.

rustic farmhouse bench

This bench was inspired by Pottery Barn's Warner bench:

Pottery Barn Warmer bench

This retail version sells for $299 plus shipping - yikes for such a simple piece!

You can build your own bench for about $35.

diy farmhouse bench with distressed finish

I choose to bevel my legs similar to the retail version, this 10 degree bevel may be a bit extreme so if you're going to do this build I'd go for 5 degrees.

diy farmhouse bench

Jen at House of Wood built this bench too, and not only that she built two versions!

House of Wood bench

Check out her stained version with a 5 degree bevel on the legs, such a beauty.

House of Wood stenciled bench

And get a good look at the finish on this bench - an Indian inlay stencil - so subtle but a great way to personalize.

How to build a rustic bench:

Step 1: Use Ana's plans here and make your cuts.
(I used a 1x10 for the seat and legs and 2 - 1x8s for the sides.)

wood pieces for rustic bench

 I choose to bevel the legs at 10 degrees.  When cutting the legs set your circular saw at 10 degrees:

beveled legs

Step 2: Cut out notches in legs:

notches in legs

Step 3:  Attach one side to top then legs:

bench construction

Step 4: Attach second side to top, because I used a 1x10 board for the top it doesn't give you enough space to fit the drill inside for pocket holes therefore I had to countersink screws on the extrerior:

countersunk screws on exterior

natural wood bench

Step 5: Finish as you like.
I choose the Vaseline method followed by Benjamin Moore Going to the Chapel, Minwax early american stain and 3 coats cleat satin poly.

vaseline finish technique

And for good measure I had my kids jump on it.

weight test with kids jumping


  1. Looks beautiful. Have fun at Haven. I hope to go next year. :)

  2. Jamie, love the bench AND the finish. Thanks for sharing. Just a bit of FYI...have you ever used a flexible screw driver attachment for hard-to-reach pocket hole joints? I have used mine a lot to reach otherwise unaccessible pocket holes. Here's what I'm talking about:

    I enjoy your blog and follow you on Facebook.

  3. I love your finish! Did you use vaseline on the bare wood, or did you stain it first?