Monday, August 18, 2014

DIY Bed Makeover

diy bed makeover

Completely transform the style of an existing headboard and footboard with a few pieces of wood, new feet and paint, it's that easy.  This bed went from dated and faded to cute and farmhouse with very little effort.

headboard and footboard before

My friend had this dated, solid wood headboard and footboard (and siderails too).  The style and details left much to be desired and it sat VERY close to the ground.

footboard after

I simply wrapped the existing pieces with beadboard trimmed out with a few pine boards and added turned feet to create a farmhouse style bed.

bed makeover collage

The new feet give the bed almost 10" of clearance which is perfect and much more desirable.

The costs here are minimal:
 - 4 tulip feet: $24
- 1/2 sheet of beadboard: $20
- 1 - 1x5x8: $6
- 4 - 1x3x8: $16
- paint & primer

Total cost $66

beadboard headboard makeover

 How to makeover an existing headboard and footboard:

original retro headboard and footboard

Step 1: Find a solid wood headboard and footboard.

sketch to transform headboard

Step 2: Sketch the plans.  Draw the existing headboard (in black marker) then make the additions in pencil to see the difference.

attach beadboard to headboard

Step 3: Using construction adhesive cut beadboard to fit and adhere with clamps to front of headboard.

remove existing feet

Step 4: For the footboard only, remove the existing feet.

rebuild of headboard and footboard

Step 5: Add 1x3 to edges and create front moulding (top, bottom & sides) then use a 1x5 for finished top.  Predrill holes for new tulip feet, glue and screw into place.  Putty and sand.

spray primer on natural wood

Step 6: Prime.  Sand.

spray paint bed pieces

Step 7: Paint (footboard on right has one coat).  I used Rustoleum Heirloom White in satin finish, two coats, sand in between coats.

rebuilt bed complete


  1. This looks great, Jaime! How sturdy are the feet? I haven't had much luck in the past, whenever I attach feet to posts, they seem like they'll just break right off.

  2. It turned out gorgeous! I never would have guessed that was the same bed!

  3. love the "new" bed. totally great makeover.