Monday, August 4, 2014

Master Bedroom Makeover

Master bedroom makeover in the 1740 saltbox.

master bedroom makeover

We've lived in this house for one year now and the master bedroom makeover is complete.

master bedroom mls before picture

This before picture is taken from the MLS listing posted online and is exactly how the room was when we saw the house for the first time.

master bedroom after

And now.  I guess I like things simple.

antique nightstand master bedroom

The matching nightstands (with missing vertical side moulding) are from a friend and date back to 1850. 

mirror with wreath

The mirrors above are inexpensive beveled rectangles with a wreath of greenery in front hung by burlap.

wood framed mirror

The full length wall mirror framed in wood is a DIY project, details here.  The door on the right leads into the dining room.
Having all these mirrors brings a lot of light into the room.

master bedroom fireplace

There is a working fireplace although we have yet to make a fire in our bedroom.  The fireplace is one of the 3 which all lead to a center chimney.

master bedroom to front foyer

The door on the right leads to the front foyer and living room.

master bedroom from dining room

And this view above is from the dining room looking into the bedroom. 

Below are a few other rooms I've made over so far in our home:

farmhouse kitchen makeover

farmhouse dining room

Dining room with exposed wood beams.

farmhouse mudroom makeover

boys bedroom makeover

farmhouse family room makeover


  1. looks amazing so far!!! i especially love your kitchen! :) but the bedroom is amazing, too!

  2. that mls listing is insane! good thing you were able to look past it.

  3. ACK! So gorgeous! I love how light and bright everything is!

  4. Your makeover is like a breath of fresh air. I love everything in it!

  5. I just love your house so much.

  6. I just love your house so much.

  7. Talk about a transformation! Your room is gorgeous!

  8. This is a beautiful transformation. The bed you build is just perfect in the space.

  9. I am in love with your bedroom! Actually, I love your entire home!!! The wood beams, and rustic doors. Your simple style really lets the architectural features of your home shine through.

  10. Your home has a lot of character that can not be found in newer homes like ours. I really like how you updated it and yet kept the simplicity of the era.

  11. What a makeover! And what a beautiful room with so much character, LOVE the fireplace! And love the bed, beautiful! I've been reading through your blog and loving it, I'm your newest follower! :)

  12. That before was so busy! I like your makeover much better. Love the whole feel of your house. Thanks for all the inspiration!