Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"P" is for PVC Halloween Tree

DIY PVC Halloween tree

Make this simple black Halloween tree using pvc pipe.

Step 1 Supplies: 1 - 3/4" pvc pipe @ 12"l, 5 - 1/2" discs of pipe insulating foam, 1 tree branch disc.
Step 2: Hot glue foam pieces to pipe at equally spaced intervals.  Spray paint black.
Step 3: Predrill branch disc with 7/8" spade bit to make a space for the pipe.  Hot glue pipe in position.
Step 4: Cut varying lengths of black faux branches (I used an old wreath but you could buy picks.).
Step 5: Poke a hole into the foam with sharp wire of branch then hot glue in place.
** Alternatively you could drill small holes into the PVC then stick the branches directly into the PVC with hot glue. **

The tree is great plain or fancy it up with some glass balls.

I tied the balls onto the branches with black thread.

And added a giant spider on top.

The pumpkins are 4x4 wood scraps, see how I made them here.

The wreath is an old project using aged paperback book pages rolled up.

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  1. Super cute tree! My mom's favorite holiday is Halloween. I can't wait to share this idea with her.