Friday, October 10, 2014

DIY 2x2 Playhouse Frame

Build a diy 2x2 playhouse frame.

diy 2x2 playhouse frame

Happy Friday friends!  Ana White and I have another fun gift build as part of the Handmade Holiday series.  Today we are sharing a fairly simple playhouse made completely from 2x2 pine boards.

handmade holiday gift build series

Ana's got the plans for this open playhouse frame here.

diy open playhouse frame with canopy

Of course I couldn't leave the frame alone.  I just had to sew up a quick tent made from a flat sheet.

diy open playhouse frame

open playhouse frame

open playhouse frame chimney detail

I added a little chimney to amp up the cuteness factor.

diy open playhouse frame

diy open playhouse frame with canopy

The tent is a flat twin sheet hemmed at 51"w.  I added pom poms at top front and at the bottom four corners.  The pom poms act as weights to keep the tent in place but you could also use velcro if necessary.

playhouse frame with canopy detail

diy playhouse canopy with pom pom trim

diy playhouse canopy with pom pom trim

Around the chimney I cut the sheet and zig zag stitched the raw edge.  Again the pom pom helps keeps the sheet in place here but it's not necessary.

diy kids playhouse frame with canopy

diy kids playhouse frame

open frame kids playhouse

A view from below, you could definitely plug up those pocket holes if they bother you.

open frame kids play house

How to build a 2x2 playhouse frame:

Step 1: Follow Ana's plans here.

2x2 wood boards with pocket holes

Step 2: Make cuts and predrill pocket holes using your Kreg jig.
You could also countersink and screw from the exterior if you don't have a pocket hole jig.

countersunk screws into sides

Step 3: Attach the angled roof pieces to the side supports.  I choose to countersink my screws from the top.

finish nail angles together

Step 4: At the roof peak glue and finish nail the 2 angled pieces together.   Later the cross support will secure here.

open frame end built

Step 5: Finished end piece.  Make 2 then take your build to it's final location and complete attaching the remaining pieces.

orange kids open playhouse

Step 6: Sand lightly and paint a fun color!
If you're looking for something more substantial last week Ana and I shared this more involved bungalow play house:

diy kids bunaglow play house

Stay tuned every Friday through Christmas when we share another new gift build.


  1. This is so cute! I've been eyeing these plans for a while. What color did you use? It's exactly what I've been looking for to finish up a different project!

  2. I know I've said this already on your IG, but wow! I love it so much! Every since I saw this little frame idea on Curbly months (years? my memory is fuzzy) ago I toyed around with making it, but never got around to it. And now that there are plans, I don't have any more excuses! This little project has so many possibilities.

  3. i absolutely love this, jaime! so fun and versatile!