Friday, November 7, 2014

DIY Storage Hutch

Let's build a diy storage hutch with metal accents.

diy storage hutch for desk

Happy Friday friends.  Ana White and I are back with this week's handmade holiday gift build, it is the most functional and practical of all the builds but still has great style points too.

A storage hutch with magnetic metal strips and hardware cloth backing makes a great gift or the perfect place to set up advent countdown gifts!

handmade holiday 2014

diy desk storage hutch

Ana made the plans for this storage hutch very straightforward, no miter cuts, no fancy jigsaw work, just measure and assemble.  It's built almost entirely from 1x10s which gives lots of depth.

Our storage hutch with metal accents was inspired by this:

Pottery Barn metal storage hutch

Their version is all metal and because I'm not a welder we built our storage hutch out of wood with metal accents.

wood storage hutch with metal accents

And I'm loving the contrast between the warm wood and the cool metal accents.

metal accent bars

I used lath screws to attach the metal strips, they are almost like a screw and washer in one and give a nice smooth finished look.

magnetic metal strips on hutch

Add some magnets and the metal strips become a place to hang cards, notes, etc.

diy wood storage hutch cubby shelf

The metal accents on the hutch tie in beautifully with the wood and pipe bed.

diy wood cubby shelf above desk

Even though this hutch is nearly 10" deep there is still plenty of work space on the desk surface.

diy kids play desk with storage hutch

That's one complete diy desk and hutch set.

storage hutch bottom support

storage hutch with metal accent

diy storage hutch with metal accents free plans
metal accents on storage hutch

cubby shelf with metal accents

How to build a storage hutch with metal accents:

building cubbies

Step 1: Build the frame and start adding shelves.

attach hardware cloth to backside

Step 2: Sand and stain then staple 1/2" hardware cloth to the backside.

metal strips with predrilled hole

Step 3: Cut 3/4" x 1/8"thick steel strips to length then predrill holes for lath screws and attach.

diy storage hutch over desk

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  1. Jaime, I love this, and the way you styled it is soooo cute!
    Question: are the metal strips are something you picked up at Lowes or Home Depot? What are they called?