Friday, December 12, 2014

DIY Animal Wall Hooks

diy animal wall hooks

Happy Friday friends, today I am sharing diy animal wall hooks!  We're in the final stretch of the Handmade Holiday series with the big day less than two weeks away.  Ana White and I have been working together to provide plans for gifts you can build. 

handbuilt holiday 2014
So far we have 10 plans this year:

handbuilt holiday series 2014
And don't forget last week's cutest ever diy dollhouse shelf:

diy dollhouse shelf

Today we have another kid friendly diy gift build: animal wall hooks.

diy animal wall hooks

Ana has the plans here for all of the animal faces.  She made easy to print pdf file patterns, simply cut out the shapes from 1/4" plywood, sand and start painting!

animal wall hooks detail

There's a raccoon, deer and fox.

Paint these critters however you choose or leave the wood natural.

animal wall hooks

There are plenty of spots for hanging accessories and toys.

raccoon wall hook

fox wall hook profile view

I added a 3/4" square dowel piece behind the animal face to give more depth from the wall which makes for more hanging space.

animal faces as wall hooks

screws for eyeballs

How to make animal wall hooks:

Follow Ana's plans here to get the animal face patterns.

print out animal faces

Step 1: Print out the patterns and cut around outer edge of animal face.

trace animal face template

Step 2: Trace outer edge onto 1/4" plywood.

animal faces cut from plywood

Step 3: Cut plywood using a jig saw, slow and steady here.  Sand well.

trace face details onto plywood

Step 4: To get the details on the animal faces place the pattern on top of plywood cutout.  Using a ballpoint pen and heavy pressure trace the lines.

indents from ballpoint pen

The pressure of the pen creates a slight indent in the plywood giving you an outline of where to paint.

assemble animal faces with dowel spacer

Step 5: Assemble the animal faces.  Predrill screw holes (eyes) in the animal faces and 3/4" square dowel backer.  Determine placement and glue and screw onto 1x2 board.

animal wall hooks installed

Hang hooks and then hang stuff on the hooks!  Be sure to secure properly to wall using mollys and screws, I only used nails here because this is a gift.

Don't forget to check back next Friday for our final handmade holiday gift to build for 2014!


  1. The cuteness factor with this project is off the scales. I adore it!

  2. SO cute! The possibilities are endless... we're partial to elephants and owls in this house... wheels are turning!

  3. Aloha, Jaime!

    This has inspired me to create something similar for a "woodland" line I'm putting together for my (new to) Etsy shop. I will modify the shapes and animal designs to match the paintings I've already made, but I was wondering if I could link to your post and Ana's plans in a Youtube video to show my source of inspiration?

    Please let me know if this will be a problem. There are other things I could make instead that would still work in my little collection. :)

    Thank you for considering!
    Yvonne Urra-Bazain

  4. Do you just glue the noses on? Sorry, I couldn't see where you say so.