Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"C" is for Chore Chart

diy chore chart

diy chore chart replica

Also known as the Order of Indoor Duties for Children.  Isn't it great!?  I made this wall art for the upstairs hallway where all the kids bedrooms are located.

Orchard House order of indoor duties

My wall art is a replica of the historical document above written in 1846 which lists the rules for daily life and the schedule which was followed by the homeschooled Alcott girls.  The document is hung on display in the parents bedroom at Orchard House in Concord, MA and you can purchase a print in the gift shop.  If you're a Little Women fan and in the area you should definitely stop by!  

handpainted sign replica

handpainted sign replica

I absolutely love the serious nature of the chart and proper virtues that seem so absurd by today's standards although I wouldn't mind implementing a few in our home!

second floor hallway antique 1740 farmhouse

Stepping back above is a wider view of the hall with the girls bedroom doorway just barely visible on the left and the kids bathroom doorway on the right which I just recently redid.  Don't look but yes I need a clear bulb for that ceiling fixture.

diy handpainted sign with frame

The document was written in 1846 which is about 100 years after our home was built (circa 1740) and I have a feeling the children raised in our home were probably doing more farm labor than schooling but I still think it's appropriate and I love sharing this kind of 'daily life' history with my kids just to show them how easy they have it these days.

My kids definitely don't rise at 5 and bathe (and that would've been a pretty cold bath in 1846!).

second floor hallway antique farmhouse

I framed out the chore chart with 1x2 pine painted teal blue for contrast.  The walls are Benjamin Moore Simply White flat and the trim is London Fog semigloss which is a very neutral with the wood floors.

diy handpainted sign with turquoise frame

How to make wall art from a historical document:

Step 1: Cut 1/2" plywood to desired size.  Try to keep the shape similar to the document shape which will make replication easier.  Paint background color as desired.

diy handpainted sign printer

Step 2: Sketch chart lines in pencil using a straight edge.  Print out lettering.  I used a calligraphy font in various sizes.  There are lots of free fonts for personal use at dafont.com.  

how to hand paint sign using printed

Step 3: Tape printout in position and using a ballpoint pen trace around the letters with heavy pressure.

hand painted sign

Step 4: The pressure of the pen leaves a slight indent in the plywood which you can then follow with paint.

diy handpainted sign progress

Work in small sections and always check for straight lines.

diy handpainted sign tutorial

Step 5: I used an ultra thin Bic Mark It to make the chart lines with a straight edge.

handpainted sign frame

Step 6: Paint 1x2 pine boards then cut the ends with a 45 miter.  Glue and finish nail to edge of plywood.  I inset the plywood by 1/2" using a scrap piece underneath.

wall art from historical document

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