Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"P" is for Pincushion with Wood Base

diy quilted pincushion with wood base

quilted pincushion with wood base

This is one project I've been thinking about for a long time and finally put myself to the task while feeling quite under the weather this week to do much of anything else.

Raid your fabric scraps to make the cutest pincushion and then I'll show you how to attach it to a solid 4x4 wood base for stability and weight.  Anytime you can combine fabric and wood in a project is a win / win in my book!

diy quilted pincushion

The finished size on the squares is 3/4" but the whole pincushion measures about 4" square and just over 2" tall.

quilted pincushion with wood base

I posted these in my etsy shop here but I show you how to make your own down below.

How to make a pincushion with wood base:

1 1/2" fabric strips

Step 1: Cut fabric strips at 1 1/4" wide (for a 3/4" finished square).  Sew 7 strips together using 1/4" seam allowance.  Vary the fabrics and make lots of 7 strip sections.

1 1/2" fabric strips in rows

Step 2: Cut the strips into 1 1/4" wide sections then lay out 7 sections carefully positioning fabrics so no two alike are next to each other.  Sew the 7 sections together then press.

classic quilt sandwich

Step 3: Make a quilt sandwich: white cotton backing, quilt batting then the top.  Pin together then quilt on the diagonal as pictured below:

quilted mini patchwork tops

Step 4: Trim edges flush and loose strings.

1/4" plywood squares

Step 5: (NOT PICTURED: Cut 4x4 wood post into 1" pieces then sand and stain.)
Also cut 1/4" plywood scraps into 3 1/2" squares and sand edges smooth.

quilted pincushion with stuffing

Step 6: Place quilted fabric face down then a large pile of fiberfil and on top the 1/4" plywood.

diy quilted pincushion

Step 7: Begin attaching quilted piece to plywood using a staple gun (I used 5/16" staples - worked like a charm).  Don't worry too much about fiberfil at the moment, you can add more before you close up the last side.

diy quilted pincushion

Step 8: Then attach the other two sides and it should look like above.

trim edges

Step 9: Snip off the excess at the corners then tuck one side in and pull the other side over.  Make sure the ends match for a nice appearance.

quilted pincushion top

Above is a better view of the corners tucked in and pulled over taught.

quilted pincushion assembly

Step 10: Predrill 5 countersunk holes into the stained 4x4 wood base and apply glue to bottom of pincushion.

quilted pincushion wood base

Step 11: Using 1 1/4" wood screws press down firmly and attach pincushion piece to wood base in all 5 spots.

My girls are taking a sewing class currently (because I don't have the patience!) and I'm definitely planning to make one of these for their teacher as a thank you gift.
quilted pincushion wood base
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  1. These are beautiful. Such a clever idea and so easy to do. Thank you for sharing.