Friday, February 13, 2015

Loft Space Makeover

loft space with ceiling beams

Another peek into our home today and we're up on the second floor in the loft space.  Two weeks ago I shared the backstairs and upstairs hallway space and that leads us to the front stairs and loft space.

loft space before

To be honest this makeover really only needed paint and a new light fixture.  Unfortunately I don't have a before picture of the light but it was straight from 1984 with smoky glass and actually came down shortly after we moved in 18 months ago because I couldn't live with it.

loft space after

Today the space is bright and fresh and clearly the highlight here are those exposed wood beams which are about 275 years old.  (Our house was built around 1740.)  I painted the walls Benjamin Moore simply white and the trim is London Fog.

kids reading nook

That one horizontal beam makes the perfect ledge for books.  I used the kids diy book ends from Emma's build it birthday party here to hold up the books.

antique farmhouse butterfly stairs

A view from above looking down the front stairs.  More white paint here on the walls going down but the original stairs have never been painted (except that first black step) and they are steep and slippery but oh so fun.

loft space farmhouse beams

original farmhouse post and beam construction peg

You can see the post and beam construction with one of the original wood pegs still in place above.  I also unveiled more pegs in the dining room ceiling when I exposed the beams last Spring.

loft space makeover farmhouse

I hung a diy chalkboard from another birthday party on the other wall.

loft space makeover clear glass ceiling fixture

The hanging light fixture was a spur of the moment inexpensive purchase when we first moved in solely to replace a really hideous one but now I love how the clear glass doesn't block your view of the beams.

loft space makeover second floor hallway center chimney

Looking back towards the main hallway (the girls bedroom is the open door on the left) you can see the cubby toy storage and now I'm thinking I should get to painting that chimney white too!

loft space reading nook farmhouse beams

Thanks for checking out the loft space.  My kids absolutely adore this little hideout, it's one of those nooks and crannies we really treasure.


  1. Oh my goodness, I just LOVE your house. Those beams though!!! Can I come visit?

  2. Your kids are going to have so many fun memories growing up in that house! Not many Americans can say they grew up in a house that old. Love it!

  3. just discovered your blog and You are one rad and amazing person. So inspiring! Professional diyer i dare to say!

  4. beautiful! i am drooling over those wood beams.

  5. This is the most rad space. I love the white walls against the wood beams. And those stairs are just too cool.