Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"P" is for Privacy Curtain

diy privacy curtain with copper pipe

The loft space was all refreshed and my kids were happily making use of it when they declared "Mom wouldn't be great if we had a curtain for privacy?".  I obliged and made this simple privacy curtain using supplies I already had on hand: copper pipe, a white sheet and book rings.

loft space with privacy curtain

And now the loft space is private!

loft space makeover antique farmhouse

Above is the finished loft space before I added the curtain.

loft space with privacy curtain wood barn beams

I tried to make the curtain unobtrusive but still easily functional for kids, it resides almost flush to the wall when not in use.

privacy curtain clear glass ceiling fixture barn beams

I love the combination of the mixed metals, pretty good considering I only used what I had on hand.  And the curtain glides with such ease across the pipe, really slick.

copper pipe curtain hardware

How to make a simple privacy curtain:

how to make a privacy curtain with copper pipe

Step 1: Paint 1/2" floor flange (see below).   Secure one flange to wall using anchors and screws.  Insert coupling.  I recommend waiting to install the other flange until you have the pipe in place.

rustoleum spray paint

To paint the flanges I used a combination of Sienna Mist and Metallic Gold over the black pipe.

privacy curtain with holes

Step 2:  Hem sheet to fit space.  Sew a small circular shape with white thread into top portion of sheet.  My holes are about every 9" with a total of 12 holes and my space is 84" wide.

book rings for privacy curtain

The book rings are 1" (I found this 12 pack at the dollar store originally for this project.).

diy privacy curtain on copper pipe

Step 3: Cut 1/2" copper pipe to fit and slip into couplings then attach second flange to other side of wall.  My pipe is very snug so no need for glue.  Slide book rings through holes in sheet and clip onto pipe.

If you prefer to use grommets in the sheet see my diy shower curtain post here.

diy shower curtain using flat sheet


  1. It is the perfect addition to the space. I love your lighting too.

  2. Your loft and your house is adorable. May I make a small suggestion though? If that curtain is pulled all the way across the room, the railing would not be visible and if rough-housing ensued, someone could fall right through that opening. It's so steep, it just occurred to me and it scared me enough to write. Sorry to take any wind out of your sails, but I just thoough I should say something. And I too love the lighting!

  3. Thanks @Karen The loft space is hardly big enough for rough housing but my kids are well aware of all these awkward ups and downs in our old house. Thank you for your safety concern.

  4. What a great idea! Love me some copper.