Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"S" is for Spilling the Beans: Q & A

Something out of the ordinary today - I was asked by Porch to do a question and answer style post.  And since I rarely talk personal here's your chance to get to know a little more about me!  

If you haven't heard of Porch yet they are an online network where you can find the right professionals with referrals for all your home projects.  It's a grand home improvement network for those projects that are beyond DIY, Porch helps you find reputable peeps.

For this Q & A I'll be answering a few questions here and then you'll want to click over to the Porch Advice Blog to read the other juicy half.

What's your DIY weapon of choice?

Sliding compound miter circular saw

My real weapon of choice is my hands, they're invaluable to me so don't drill through your pointer finger ever!  It really hurts and the nerve took 2 months to come back.

Words of wisdom for someone remodeling on a budget?

Use what you have first and foremost.  I always shop my house first including my basement which is full of cast offs and wood scraps.  Lots of things can be transformed into something else with a little imagination, maybe rebuild it or add some paint.  I like to pretend there is a zero budget, collect everything I have and can use for the remodel and then make the purchases that I really want.

What's the weirdest thing you've collected?

Railing spindles.

No project plans yet but I'm holding on to them because they're so skinny, twisty and spindly.

Pinterest or Facebook?

I love perusing Pinterest but it's a huge time suck.  Try as I may to focus my search I always get lost in a sea of endless unnecessary pins so I'm going to say Facebook.  Facebook is an extension of my blog and I like to check my feed daily to see what others have been up.

But to be really honest my favorite is Instagram!  It's real time, life snapshots, projects in process, trends and inspiration all rolled into one.

I probably overshare on Instagram but I can't help myself because when I get excited about a project I can't keep the idea to myself.

Show us your best project for a DIY beginner:

A box on wheels.

A box is the foundation of a lot of builds, both big and small, and also helps you learn to build square.  As long as your cuts are equal and square you should have no problem here.  And I can't tell you how many mudrooms I've walked into that need bins!  The full tutorial is here.

What's a home trend you hope doesn't exist in 100 years?

painted faux taxidermy

(Sorry animal head lovers.)

Favorite words to live by?

In fact I love this saying so much I replicated it onto wood and it's now hanging in our back foyer.
It's a great reminder to get off your tush and do something.

There's more!  The Q & A continues over at Porch here.


  1. I have a suggestion for those spindles. I saw a ladder made from two pieces of long scrap wood and spindle rungs! Darn it was cute. Uses - towels coats (could add hooks to sides) scarves, etc.

  2. I love reading a personal post about you! Can't wait to see what you do with those spindles. =)

  3. Love reading more about you. We share our favorite tools. :)

  4. Jamie, I am working on my "16 questions" and was doing my research. Which brought me here... I have totally drilled through my pointer finger too! I still don't have feeling in the tip of it! I have no idea why this little connection has me using to many "!!".