Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"S" is for Swap It: Repurposed Trivet

diy marker holder

Hello to everyone coming from Queen of Everything and welcome to Flea Market Swap!  Charlotte at Ciburbanity organized 33 bloggers for this massive swap and I'm so happy to partake.

Flea Market Swap

Today is the third posting day for the Flea Market Swap series and me along with Cassie at Primitive & Proper, Heather at Queen of Everything, Danielle at Finding Silver Pennies, Jen at Migonis Home and Bee at Windgate Lane are here to share our flea market makeovers.

 Heather from Queen of Everything sent me the following items:

thrift store items to repurpose

What a great collection she sent!  The little copper pan is beautiful.  The task was to repurpose the items so I took the wood trivet and made it into a marker holder:

diy marker holder from old trivet

It's color and order all in one spot - could you ask for anything more?

diy marker holder from old trivet

diy marker holder from old trivet

The holes in the wood trivet are a perfect fit for markers or any writing implement for that matter.  I could not have drilled more uniform holes if I tried!

diy marker holder from old trivet

diy marker holder from old trivet

How to make a wood trivet into a marker holder:


- wood trivet (10" x 10")
- 1x3 pine (2 @ 10"l, 2 @ 8 1/2"l)
- 3/4" plywood @ 8 1/2" x 8 1/2"
- white spray paint
- sandpaper

how to make a marker holder from an old trivet

Step 1: Cut wood pieces as listed above.

how to make a marker holder from an old trivet

Step 2: Make box using glue and finish nails.

how to make a marker holder from an old trivet

Step 3: Glue and nail trivet on top.  Sand well.

diy marker holder from old trivet

Step 4: Prime and paint sanding in between coats.  Insert markers!

The Flea Market Swap continues with Danielle at Finding Silver Pennies - wonder what she did with the items I sent her?

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  1. such a great and useful idea!!! and you have a lot of markers. ;)

  2. I had no clue what you could do with any of the items - I'm so impressed! Anyone that loves markers is a friend of mine. Now I'm going to go kick myself for not keeping it!

    Heather @ Queen of Everything

  3. Very clever! I'll never look at those wooden trivets the same way1 :)

  4. I would've never thought to make something like this ... I love it! I seriously need a marker holder like this!!

  5. You are a wily genius, my friend! Love this. My kids go through these pens like nobody's business... I wonder if this would help them put caps on etc, etc!

  6. This is so creative! And I'm jealous of your marker collection!

  7. This is so clever!! I love the idea of turning a trivet into a marker holder!

  8. You came up with a great idea for using your trivet. I am loving this week's tour and am getting so many ideas for my own thrifty finds!

  9. What a clever idea! We have so many pens and markers just chilling in a Ziplock. One of these days, they may have something pretty to sit in!

  10. How brilliant is that?!! Great job!!

  11. Hi Jamie,

    It's so awesome that you built something. What a brilliant idea to use this for markers! You are right about the color and order. Great makeover!

  12. This is too cool! I love it, only I would have been a bit OCD and put hinges on the box and trivet to lift up the top to store paper and envelopes in since I am such and old fashioned gal, lol

    I found you from the #Swapitlikeitshot Pinterest Board by Cibsurbanity (?sp?)

    I hope to join one of these times after I can get some money and quit being so sick. This is so fun! Seeing all the Creative different ideas.