Saturday, May 2, 2015

DIY 3 Step Stool & Giveaway

New plans for a kitchen step stool and a giveaway makes for a great Saturday!

diy kitchen step stool

We're in the kitchen today building a 3 step stool and I'm sharing the plans over at Ryobi Nation here.

And while you're there be sure to sign up (or sign in if you already have an account) in order to enter this awesome giveaway:

ryobi power tools giveaway

The generous folks at Ryobi Nation are giving away a 4 piece combo kit and the orbital jig saw to one lucky reader! 

I used the jig saw to make the stepped cuts and the arched cut out for the 3 step stool:

jigsaw against straight edge

My preferred method to make straight cuts with the jig saw is to clamp down a straight edge making a fence for the saw to ride up against.  Above the wood has already been cut but you can see how having that straight edge clamped in place keeps control of the jig saw.

Happy Building


  1. It's like you know me! Oh, how I need this stool! I can't reach the top two shelves in my cabinets, let alone the top of them, which I would like to be able to reach.

  2. Oh this would been handy for so many things. Very smart! I need one in my laundry room. The top shelves are a no-man's land of lightbulbs and glade plug-in refills I'm sure...
    I love it!

  3. I love this!! Want to try it! Thank you.

  4. didn't see where to enter the giveaway, just to register for an account?

  5. Awesome project, Awesome giveaway!