Friday, June 26, 2015

Field Day Station Signs

While summer is now in full swing and most field day events are long over I still thought I would share how I made the field day station signs for our school and you can pin for later.

These station signs are completely portable, self standing and the game names are interchangeable which makes them reusable from year to year.

To make 8 station signs I used the follow supplies:

8 - 2x3x8 studs
2 - 2x8x12 boards
1 sheet - 1/2" plywood
16 hooks and eyes
2 1/2" & 1 5/8" exterior wood screws
2" finish nails

Follow the step by step instructions below to build your own field day station signs:

Step 1: Cut the 2x8 boards into 12" lengths with a 30 degree miter cut on one end.  Make 4 pieces for each sign base.

Step 2: Attach 4 of the base support pieces to the 2x3 using 2 1/2" countersunk exterior wood screws.  Also attach each base support to the next perpendicular support using finish nails for added support.

Step 3: Rip the 1/2" plywood into 2 - 18" strips and 2 - 6" strips.  Then cut all the strips into 24" long pieces and you will have 8 large (24"l x 18"h) pieces and 8 small (24"l x 6") pieces.  The large pieces are for 'station #' and the small pieces for the game name.  I used publisher to print out the lettering in appropriate size then this method here for transferring and painting the lettering onto the signs.

Step 4: Attach station # pieces to 2x3 stud flush to top using 1 5/8" countersunk exterior screws.  Predrill and insert eyes into base of sign about 3" in from corner.  Predrill and insert hooks into game name signs 3" from corner.

Enjoy your field day station signs for years to come!


  1. These are SO cool! I think they would be amazing for almost any event!

  2. I KNEW you'd have the answer. Need to make a sign for the kids' spring fundraiser and of course you had an answer for the cute base. Thanks, girl! xx