Thursday, February 11, 2016

DIY Basic Builds 101

diy basic build projects

If you're looking to just get your feet wet in woodworking then I highly recommend starting with a basic build.  I'm sharing a few DIY basic builds that are simple and easy and don't require a lot of lumber.  These projects provide a tiny glimpse into working with wood and building things yourself.

Before you know it you'll be ready to tackle something bigger but for now scroll through and start with the basics.  I divided this post into two parts: 1) totes / caddies / trugs and 2) boxes / trays. 


diy mason jar tote free plans

Totes are everywhere and you can make one to fit your needs relatively easily.  The version above fits mason jars and below holds wine bottles.

diy wine carrier free plans

Rogue Engineer beer tote free plans

Or a caddy for art supplies?  This makes a great gift:  

diy gift caddy free plans

Another version I recently posted as part of the art cart is a little longer and has a easy grip handle:

diy art caddy free plans

diy art supplies caddy

House of Wood tool box free plans

If you prefer curvy sides my plans for the trug are super simple:

diy wood trug free plans


Build Basic paint stick basket free plans

My ottoman tray with a parquet pattern is easier than you think.  The plans are here:

diy parquet pattern tray free plans

And lastly a very simple project that serves such a fun purpose.  This diy crayon holder makes an awesome gift idea, I bet you  have a little one who could use it right now!

diy crayon holder free plans

Hope you enjoyed these basic builds.  Be sure to share your projects on social media and tag me if you build something from this post!

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