Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Foyer Makeover in Antique Farmhouse

foyer makeover with simply white

Every now and then in between building projects I try to focus on spaces in our home and today I'm sharing the front foyer makeover.  We all know the power of paint and this space is further proof that one small change of color can make a huge difference.

foyer before and after

This is technically the front door of our 1740 farmhouse and I can imagine way back in the day how many people passed in and out (probably not this actual door but rather a more crude version).  We don't actually use this door on a regular basis except for the occassional stranger ringing the bell.

I choose to paint the walls Benjamin Moore simply white.  And I've used this color in nearly all the original parts of our home: the master bedroom, dining room, upstairs hallway and loft because I think the white walls let the history do the talking.  The white contrasts so beautifully against the wood floors and painted trim:

antique butterfly staircase

Below are the specific details on the paints I used:

Benjamin Moore simply white paint

The front foyer includes one of my most favorite features of our home, the original butterfly stairs:

foyer makeover using simply white

You can see the previous color was more yellow and dusty looking:

front foyer before and after

Below is the view from the living room through the foyer and into the master bedroom.  I really wish I had a before shot of this view when we moved in 2.5 years ago but sadly I don't.  Trust me it's a whole different space.

rooms painted simply white

A few more spaces in our home that have this same paint combination of simply white on the walls and london fog on the trim:

The kids loft space.

loft space makeover with beams

farmhouse stairs makeover

farmhouse stair makeover

farmhouse upstairs hallway makeover

I hope you enjoyed your visit in our home.  It's been a joy making over each space and I truly cherish each querky floor board, every door that's not square and all the nuances that come with living in an antique home.

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  1. What a difference the new paint makes! Your home is gorgeous, I love the floors!

  2. I love your home, my ex and I bought a really old farmhouse but were never able to do the work so I enjoy seeing others complete theirs.

  3. Came by way of pinterest where you showed an upgrade of your kitchen which was beautiful BTW and am wondering if you would kindly share measurements with me re the size of both cupboards flanking your stove. Reason; my stove is beside a door way and I would like to add a countertop space beside it and am researching about how much is considered functional by someone who has a similar layout. THANK YOU SO MUCH and with appreciation of your input .... -Brenda-
    P.S.: Your home is lovely! As for myself, I am currently doing upgrades room by room beginning with four bathrooms (two down and two more to go) but the kitchen is slated as well.

  4. I just want to say that I love all the patina on your dark and exposed woods, all marks and the proof that it each planks has been loved for hundreds of years. Your abode is beautiful and gorgeous! I love the shot from the stairs to the entryway!