Wednesday, March 30, 2016

DIY Pool Boy Sign

Stopping in super quick with the tutorial to make a pool boy sign.  I shared this sign over on Instagram a few days back (definitely follow me there for sneak peeks and current projects) and thought I'd show you how I made to make one.  

It's a bit of a gag gift for anyone who has a pool.  Simply press the button and the pool boy will appear for anything you need - cold drink, fresh towel, leaves in the pool?

diy pool boy sign

Don't we all wish we had a pool boy?

I handpainted this sign using a print out but for those of you with vinyl cutting machines you could easily make the letters and stick on or make a stencil as well.

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  • 1x8 scrap board cut at 8 1/2"l
  • 7/8" x 1/4" flat moulding
  • wood glue, measuring tape, pencil, miter saw, ballpoint pen
  • doorbell
  • white and black paint
  • seaside blue gloss spray paint
  • small paint brush
  • drill and bits
  • nailer and 3/4" finish nails
  • painters tape

DIY Pool Boy sign

Step 1: Use painters tape to cover the doorbell button.  Spray paint doorbell and screws using seaside blue gloss spray paint.

DIY Pool Boy sign

Step 2: Paint 1x8 wood board in white.  Print out 'pool boy' letters (link to printable PDF file here).  Center printout on board and using a ballpoint pen trace the letters with heavy pressure.

DIY Pool Boy sign

The pressure from the ballpoint pen leaves an indent in the wood.

DIY Pool Boy sign

Step 3: Using a small paintbrush and balck acrylic paint inside the indents.

DIY Pool Boy sign

Step 4: Prepaint molding black before attaching.  Cut to fit and attach flush to back using wood glue and 3/4" finish nails.  Predrill hole at center for doorbell housing.  Seal entire sign now with exterior grade poly if using outdoors.

Attach doorbell.  Use a cloth between the drill bit and screw head to prevent chipping the paint.

DIY Pool Boy sign

Add a sawtooth hanger at center back.  Enjoy!

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Cheers to summer!

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