Friday, April 8, 2016

DIY Wood Letters Play Board

DIY wood letters play board

Scrap wood lovers I’ve got another project for you that makes a fun kids learning toy: wood letters play board.  Gather up all your 1x3 pieces to make the wood letters and paint them fun colors or use vinyl cutouts if you’re fancy!

DIY wood letters play board

Kids can easily move the letters around making different words.  I store the extra letters in this yellow diy art caddy (tutorial and plans here) but any bin will work.

DIY wood letters play board

I cut up a bunch of 1x3 scraps into square blocks and then painted different letters on the front.  Stain a piece of scrap plywood for the play board and then use Velcro®Brand Industrial Strength tape on the board and backs of each block.  Now the blocks are repositionable on the board and stay put until the kids are ready to rearrange the letters to make new words.

diy wood caddy storage

Below is a quick step by step tutorial on how to make the wood letters play board.

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diy handpainted letters

Step 1: Print out the letters (I used Ariel font at 200 point).  Center the printout over the wood block and trace outline using a ballpoint pen with heavy pressure.

Step 2: The pen will leave an indent in the wood.  (See example here.)  Paint on and inside the indent using acrylic craft paints and a small paintbrush.

diy colorful handpainted letters

I shared all the painted wood blocks over on Instagram a few days back, be sure to follow me there for project sneak peeks!

DIY wood letters play board

Step 3: Seal the letters with clear semi-gloss polycrylic spray.

Step 4: Stain the plywood board and let dry.

DIY wood letters play board

Step 5:  Cut the Velcro® Brand Industrial Strength tape into 2” sections.  Peel the plastic backing off and center tape onto back of wood block.

DIY wood letters play board

Step 6: Even though the tape is adhesive on the back you still need to secure the tape to the wood to be sure it won’t pull off after repeated use.  Using a staple gun insert staples into the four corners.

DIY wood letters play board

Step 7: Cut two long pieces of the tape about 2” shorter than the plywood board.

DIY wood letters play board

Step 8: Peel back the plastic covering and apply tape to plywood board.

DIY wood letters play board

Step 9: Secure the tape in place using the staple gun placing staples every 2” or so.  This ensures the tape won’t peel off the plywood board.

Now let the kids make all the fun words they can using the wood letters play board.

DIY wood letters play board

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  1. Cute idea ,my grandkids would love to play with these Thank You for sharing

  2. What a good idea. It is a fun project and you use your scraps as well. I bet the whole enjoys playing with them. I sure would.

  3. This is so so cute! My boys would love this. Thanks for sharing!

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