Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to Build a Round Coffee Table

how to build a round coffee table

Sometimes, when you add a piece of furniture and it changes your whole perspective on a room.  This round coffee table did just that for my living room and I bet it might have the same effect for your space too!  I’ve teamed up with the beautiful folks at Simpson Strong-Tie® to bring you this round coffee table and I’m showing you how so you can build one too.

how to build a round coffee table

The base construction is almost like tinker toys where you can cut all the pieces and pre-paint, then assemble. I used two different Simpson Strong-Tie® connectors along with their easy self-tapping SD8wafer-head wood screws to attach all the pieces.

Watch this fast motion video of the assembly and you’ll see exactly how it all comes together:

how to build a round coffee table

I’m loving the contrast of the glossy blue against the steel connectors and stained top. You could paint the connectors any color (I almost sprayed them gold but thought twice about that!) to match your d├ęcor.

how to build a round coffee table

This version of the round coffee table has 36” diameter top, plenty big for drinks or magazines but you could go bigger if you have the space for it.
how to build a round coffee table

And this top is planked using 1 ½” thick boards but you could use a solid plywood top and double the wood thickness.

Below is the link to step-by-step instructions to build this round coffee table. Always follow all safety precautions when using power tools.

36" round coffee table free plans

planked top for round coffee table

To make the planked top connect the boards using pocket holes.  

planked top for round coffee table

Mark a 36" circle starting the center then cut out the top uusing a jig saw.

Follow the plans for the remaining assembly process.

I took the photo below just so you can see the top cross support pieces:

round coffee table with industrial connectors

If you’re looking for an easy to assemble round coffee table with simple lines and a touch of industrial character then this project is for you.
round coffee table with industrial connectors

Disclaimer:  This post is brought to you in partnership with Simpson Strong-Tie®.  I was provided compensation and /or product for this post however all thoughts, opinions and creative ideas are my own.

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  1. Jaime,

    That table is awesome! I'm worn out just watching your video. :)

    The pocket holes confuse me a little. Did I miss something? why are there pocket holes on the ends of the boards?

    beautiful job!
    sharing on Facebook,

  2. I've been looking online for a 42" round coffee table. The only thing that comes close to what I am looking for cost around $800. I would like to try my hand at making a coffee table like the one you made. Would I just need to lengthen the braces on the underneath side of a 42" table top for support?

    1. Yes I believe this layout will work for the larger 42" size. If you're feeling unsure you could use 2x3 boards or even 2x4 which will be a chunkier look. Good luck with your project and hooray for DIY!