Friday, December 9, 2016

DIY Ipad Retro TV

It's Friday and time for another Handbuilt Holiday gift plan and today is an ipad retro TV made from scrap wood.  Oh my stars it's the cutest thing you've ever seen!

diy ipad retro tv

Ana White and I work together to bring you a new holiday gift plan every Friday.  Ana made the plans super simple for this retro tv that serves as an ipad holder so you can watch the show without having to lean or prop up the ipad.

handbuilt holiday gift plans

We've been busy these past 9 weeks building all the fun gifts and toys.  Typically as we get closer to Christmas the builds get smaller and more simple so you still have time to make a great gift for that special someone.

handbuilt holiday gift builds 2016

To see all the previous builds from this year and the past years click here.

Back to today's project which I guarantee can be built in 30 minutes:

diy ipad holder retro tv

Ana designed the plans using standard stock lumber so search your scrap pile for this one.
I used cedar scrap wood for my retro tv and my kids are begging me to keep this for themselves!

diy ipad holder retro tv

The plans are designed to work with any ipad model so it's easy to make your TV the correct size to fit your ipad.

diy ipad holder retro tv

I opted to miter the legs in order for the TV to sit at an angle which is better for tabletop viewing.

Follow Ana's plans here to build your ipad retro TV, she has simple step by step instructions.

diy ipad holder retro tv

I choose to add 1/8" to the thickness of my ipad which makes the opening a tiny bit bigger.  This prevents the ipad screen from getting scratched and allows for easy sliding in and out.

ipad retro tv holder face frame

Build the face frame separately using pocket holes and be sure to sand well.  Then attach to the TV box with wood glue and finish nails.

diy retro tv ipad holder legs

For the legs cut a 1" dowel at a 10 degree miter and then cut to length.  Attach using wood glue and countersunk screws.

Sand well and finish as desired.  This cedar version is sealed with Minwax wipe-on poly.

diy retro tv ipad holder

Hermey looks good framed out in cedar wood!  Please stop by every Friday through Christmas to see what new fun gift build plans we have to share.

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