Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Anthropologie Inspired Hanging Letter Holder

We all love a little retail therapy but maybe not the prices that sometimes go along with our favorite shops.  Never fear I've joined forces with four amazing bloggers who will show us how to create a knock off version of some retail favorites.

diy anthropologie knock offs

Today we're sharing knock off projects for the kitchen and they are all so Springy and fresh!  Please be sure to visit each of my friends to see just how they made their project:

diy hanging letter holder

I choose to recreate this hanging letter holder in all its gold glory.  The retail version is made of metal but I opted to use wood because it's much easier to work with and I happen to have quite a few wood scraps on hand.

diy hanging letter holder

It's a very simple project to construct made of 1/2" and 1/4" plywood scraps.  Paint everything gold and then fill with your papers and pens that clutter up the kitchen counter space.

diy hanging letter holder free plans

I created step by step building plans, click here for a printable PDF version.  Be sure to read through all the steps before beginning.

building a letter holder

Create the box from 1/2" plywood.

letter holder from scrap wood

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Then add the 1/4" plywood dividers.  Easy.

Now finish with gold paint.  I highly recommend spray paint for this project however the weather was not in my favor and didn't allow me any outside time for spray painting so I used Deco Art Metallics in 24K gold with a brush.

diy hanging letter holder

Works great to corral all the little bits and pieces of paper, mail, bills, office supplies, pens and pencils.

And even better it cost me nothing to make, just my time.  I used all scrap wood and paint I had on hand.  

diy hanging letter holder

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you were inspired to make a knock off of your own, save some money and create your own version to fit your home.


diy hanging letter holder free plans


  1. I love it that you created this using scrap materials. It looks fantastic! We'd love you to share this at To Grandma's House We Go link party. xx

  2. Love this project, Jaime! And love the price even more! Yay - can't wait to see what you come up with next month! xo