Saturday, April 1, 2017

Camp Care Package

diy camp care package

It's summer and that means summer camp.  I truly love everything about summer camp and have tons of fond memories as a kid away at summer camp.  But perhaps one of the best parts about summer camp is receiving care packages!

This summer my girls and their cousin will be going to sleepaway summer camp for two weeks and they are over the moon excited.  Naturally I had to prepare a camp care package and I'm sharing my list of ideas with you.  I will ship the package ahead of their departure because I know after a few days of settling in at camp they will be eagerly awaiting a care package.

diy camp care package small container

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First up, the small things.  Think of small sized items that would be useful at camp like a travel tissue pack, hair binders and a flashlight and pack it all in a small container.  Of course they will have packed a flashlight and hair binders already but it can't hurt to have a back up (ever leave your flashlight on all night?) and girls are notorious for loosing hair binders.  I had to throw in some candy but individually wrapped pieces means hopefully they are more likely to share with bunk mates.

small flashlight with camp colors

This small flashlight is definitely cute but could easily get lost too.  I added a hanging string and some camp colored ribbons to keep this flashlight more visible.

diy camp banner

 A little untraditional but who doesn't like to decorate their bunk?  I found this green and white polka dot banner at Target in the clearance section for .60 cents, print out the letters onto cardstock, cut out and attach with double stick tape.  The whole banner has the camp name on it but I'm keeping that private, you could also do the bunk name.

bunk game for camp care package

I found this cute bunk game that might help get the girls better acquainted.  Any card game would be good: playing cards, UNO, Spot It, etc.

diy camp care package items

Along with the camp banner, bunk game, candy, flashlight, hair binders, and tissues I added some glow bracelets and disposable cameras.  I packed it all in one box so everyone will receive their care package at the same time.

Below is the camp care package checklist:

camp care package checklist

This checklist is definitely tailored for girls but you could easily swap out a few items to make it more boy friendly.  


And for another camp idea I recently made these drawstring backpacks, complete instructions here:

diy drawstring backpacks

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